The rules of observing the articles published in the journal «Vestnik RGUPS»

1. The manuscript made in accordance with the defined requirements is handed over to the secretary – general of the editorial board (the main building, room D 107, tel. 272-62-74, e-mail:

2. The secretary – general preliminary examines a manuscript on   correspondence to publishing area and figuration requirements. In case of some remarks necessary to be made on above mentioned criteria the secretary- general informs the author by e-mail and recommends to make corrections.

3. If the manuscript corresponds all figuration requirements and publishing area of the journal, at the session of the editorial board it is handed over to the section chairman for reviewing.

4. The secretary – general informs the authors about all stages of manuscript passing before publishing: reviewing, editing, enquiry of additional materials from authors and so on.

5.  After receiving a review from the reviewer the secretary – general sends a scanned copy of it to the author. If the manuscript has some co-authors the copy of review is sent to that person who is indicated as a contact name (authorized to represent all authors).

6. The secretary – general informs the authors who have got the positive review about dates of publishing the article.

7. The authors’ copies are sent to nonresident authors per post (all post expenses are paid by FSBED HE Rostov State Transport University).